Marie & Modest aims to show you the versatility of modern-day hemp fabrics. Not only are hemp fabrics made from the strongest natural fiber, they are very comfortable on your skin. In our collection you'll find blends with organic cotton and even silk. 

Why hemp?

There are numerous benefits to using this often misunderstood plant.

Hemp was used in nearly 80% percent of all clothing before its production was banned due to misinformation.

Recently, hemp has become increasingly popular, and with good reason. Here’s why:

  • Hemp is warm AND breathable – yes that’s right, both! This makes it an excellent fibre for slow fashion, where we try to offer collections that last beyond a season. 
  • You can wear the same piece in winter and summer, it keeps your body temperature at a comfortable regulated.
  • Hemp feels good, because of the fine fibre, it feels soft.  Hemp gets even softer in time, the more you wear it, the more comfortable it becomes (and less ironing, hooray!).
  • Hemp is one of the strongest materials on earth. It’s much stronger than cotton and is actually as strong as steel!
  • Growing hemp gives 3x more fibre per acre than growing cotton and is so much easier to extract then other fibres. Mother Earth thanks you.
  • Cleaning hemp fibre requires half of the water cotton does. Water conservation is becoming increasingly important, so this advantage is not insignificant.
  • Sorry cotton, hemp has even more advantages. Hemp grows twice as fast as cotton AND grows pretty much anywhere.
  • Less laundry to do! Hemp has natural antimicrobial properties so you don’t need to wash your hemp garments as often. (Unlike polyester or other man-made fabrics, hemp breathes – No stinky pits!)

Why transeasonal?

We strive to promote a more ethical and sustainable way of consuming.

We will never have 4 collections each year. On the contrary, our collection will grow but nothing will be lost. Our timeless pieces and colours will last beyond each season and stay available as long as our stock lasts. Everything is timeless and made in a material that can be worn in winter and summer. The collection contains essentials for the modern wardrobe.

We aim to produce clothing in a sustainable way both socially and environmentally, without compromising on quality.

The collection is characterized by timeless simple lines and geometrical shapes.

Pieces and colours that are easy to match with everything.

We want to encourage consumers to be engaged when buying clothes, to consciously choose for quality and products that last. 

Explore our collection.

And join us in the good fight.

Buy better. Keep forever.


All of the fabrics we use are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and OCS 100 (Organic Content Standard) approved, This means the fabrics consist of at least 95% organic materials, and no pesticides or herbicides were used in the process.


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